Junko Shiomi & Richard ThomasShiatsu & Facial Massage in Islington, North London

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We're continuing the COVID-19 Secure Protocol
that the UK Government guidelines encourage. (See below)

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The Healthy Living Centre (282-284 St Pauls Rd, N1 2LH)

Appointments. tx room

There is a Bus Stop (4, 19, 30, 277, 393) right at the door. If you do drive, there is metered parking on Compton Street, which runs off St Pauls Road almost opposite the centre.

at 11:00 or 15:00 on Saturday & Sunday

Please contact us by email to arrange an appointment (at least a few day in advance please). For the 2nd Saturday of the month, no appointments is available at the Healthy Living Centre, but shiatsu only is available at Climbers Clinic on Green Lanes. For booking, please check their website.

1 Hour Shiatsu: £65
Helps to establish and maintain well-being. If you are suffering from a chronic symptom such as neck / shoulders / back pain or sleeping problems, receiving a session every 2~3 weeks is recommended until the condition starts to shift.

1.5 Hour Shiatsu: £95
Recommended for the initial Shiatsu treatment with us, especially if you have more than a few symptoms you're concerned about, or suitable for deep relaxation and a sense of the wholeness physically, emotionally and psychologically.

1.5 Hour Facial & Back Massage: £95
A session starts with 45 minutes of the whole back body massage (fully clothed), including the head massage, to relieve the tension and tightness caused by postural stress such as desk work or driving for long hours, followed by 45 minutes of Facial Rejuvenation Massage.

*Before Shiatsu:
We recommend you not to eat heavily at least 30 minutes before the session, to wear stretchy material or loose clothes (no jeans / no shorts / no skirt) for stretches and rotations, and also to wear or bring socks (no bare feet) for foot massage.

Appointments. Rm6

*Before Facial Massage:
If you're wearing contact lenses or accessories, we ask you to remove them before a session. Please bring your contact lens case if you need.

*For Payment:
Payment is available by cash, card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

*For Cancellation:
If you find you need to cancel or postpone an appointment we'd like to suggest you do so by the day before with a telephone call / text message. If you don't receive a reply within 24 hours, we'd appreciate your contacting us again.

Shiatsu Protocol at the Healthy Living Centre

                 Updated on 23/06/2022
1) The surface of the couch bed will be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol before and after a session.
2) There is no intercom button, but I will let you in through the centre's door (a green door, the left side of Mother Earth) on your appointment time.
3) I will ask you to use alcohol hand rub when you arrive.
4) I will be wearing a mask and will wash my hands just before a treatment.
5) For Shiatsu, wearing a mask is recommended when you're lying on your back.

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